JTK Consulting FZE, a boutique consulting firm based in UAE, is engaged in certain niche areas of consulting practice. The firm specializes in multi-disciplinary consultancy practice in the matter of preparation, negotiation and management of domestic and international commercial contracts, with particular emphasis on major construction, process technology and IT projects. In addition, the firm’s practice extends to corporate and commercial matters as well as advising on management and resolution of claims and disputes.

Integrated Services

In respect of any assignments that involve technical and techno-commercial analyses, the firm understands some clients’ preference to obtaining integrated solutions, therefore, the firm possesses such solutions sourced from an optimized and bespoke combination of the firm's in-house expertise and specialists in particular professional disciplines and industry sectors selected in consultation with the client. The firm has a professional network in place to achieve this end. This unique combination enables the firm to mobilize best-in-class expertise tailored to the needs of individual clients and thus help them obtain both high quality services and cost effectiveness.

International, Multi-disciplinary Experience; Bespoke Solutions